International Champion (MFA)
Merlin Cameo Somerset  (RU)

Red Tipped, BSHds11
Born 26 June 2016
Breeder:  Svetlana Barmina, Russia

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Valencia Cameo Somerset

Photo:  Kotostudio, Russia

Grand European Champion Placido Cameo Somerset

Photo:  Kotostudio, Russia

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Blood type A (carrier of b)
Genetically free from ALPS and PKD.  HCM tested clear 2019-12-10
FeLV and FIV tested clear 2019-12-10
Giardia, Tritrichominas Foetus and Cryptosporidium tested clear 2019-11-28, 2020-01-22
Carrier of diluted gene


Judges comments on Merlin:
Ex  very nice, solid body and muscles
Ex  broad round head
Ex  placed eyes
Ex  small ears set wide apart
Ex presented, dense coat with nice red silver colouring
Ex  short tail
Ex  shape, splendid condition

Super nice temperament!

Show results 2020:
1 show, 1 Ex1

Merlin was kindly sold to me in January 2020 by Svetlana Barmina in Engels, Saratov Region, Russia.  He was the most beautiful Brit I have ever seen - so big and powerful.  He was also very kind, affectionate, cuddly and humble. But Merlin was badly affected by tooth resorption, could not chew or digest his food.  After two big operations jawbone detorioration was also detected and my veterinarian dentist wept, begging me to kindly having him put down.  It was a shock and an awfully sad experience, following her advice. We all miss him terribly!