We are planning kittens from:

Cameo Rosalinda no Demetra (LV)
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S*Applecat Puscaz
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Expected colours of the kittens:
Red or cream, with or without silver, with or without pattern

The kittens pedigree (mark here)

Cameo kittens Angie and "Thumbie" from 2012

Welcome to contact me if you are interested in a kitten!

My cats are kept as precious, beloved pets and the kittens are bred in my home.  When leaving for a new home the kitten has a pedigree and passport (if required).  The kitten will be dewormed, vaccinated, ID-chipped, insured and has had a veterinary check up.  The parents are genetically free from ALPS and PKD, are frequently tested against HCM, Giardia and Tritrichomonas Foetus and occasionally tested against FeLV and FIV.

Here you can enjoy photos of former litters, BSHns11. 
My kittens were named from characters in
TV-series and movies.


My cats are pure Silver Tippeds without influence from Colourpoint genes or Golden.

With every kitten sold I give a contribution to the Amur Leopards through WWF.

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