International Champion 
SE*Tylökatten Billy Blue

Blue Tipped  BSHas11
Born 22 June 2017


GIP CH SE*Tylökatten Ashley

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SE Wonderbits' Liten Frej

Pedigree, mark here!
Blood type A
PKD genetically free
Carrying long haired gene, not carrying chocolate, cinnamon or colourpoint genes


Judges comments on Billy:
Ex  large, well built body on short thick legs
Ex  profile, top and cheeks

Ex  placed eyes, nice colour
Ex  placed small ears

Super coat in excellent condition, ex tipping and silver
Ex thick tail

Ex  condition

Promising, nice, cute boy with a lovely temper!

Show results 2018:
11 shows, 11 Ex1
One nomination

Show results 2017:

5 shows (class 12), 5 Ex1
One nomination
5th Brit of the Year, Brittringen Kittens/Juniors

Billy is a wonderful, affectionate cat, who cuddles up closely at night.  He lives with my daughter in Stockholm.