SE*Tylökatten Onslow

Cream Tipped  BSHes11
Born 23 May 2019


Cameo Rosalinda no Demetra

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S*Applecat Puscaz

Pedigree, mark here!
Blood type A (carrying b)

ALPS and PKD genetically free
Not carrying colourpoint or longhair genes

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Judges comments on Onslow:
Ex  balanced, short and cobby body, strong and powerful
Ex  profile, cheeks and scull
Ex  round eyes with promising colour
Ex  positioned ears
Ex  crispy, dense and short fur with ex silver and tipping
Ex  short tail
Ex  top condition

Very promising boy, sweet as candy!

Show results 2019:
5 shows, 5 Ex1
3 Nominations 
Best Kitten/junior, Brittringen