Grand International Premier, Champion
SE*Tylökatten Ashley

Black tipped, BSHns11
Born 11 February 2016

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Blood type A (does not carry b)

PKD genetically free
HCM tested free 13 April 2017
FeLV and FIV tested free 28 March 2017

Carries diluted gene, does not carry chocolate, cinnamon, colourpoint or longhair genes

Judges comments on Ashley:
Ex  muscular and weight, broad chest, short legs 
Ex  round, massive head, short broad nose, full muzzle
Ex  fantastic large round, expressive, super green eyes
Ex  set small ears
Ex  short crispy, dense coat, ex colour, silver and tipping
Ex  shaped short tail

Ex  condition

Lovely, super charming lady!

Show results 2018:
12 shows, 12 Ex1
5 Best in Variety
5 Nominations
3 Best in Show
1 Best of Best

Show results 2017:
3 shows (class 9), 3 Ex1

Show results 2016:
6 shows (class 11, 12), 6 Ex1

3 nominations and one Best in Variety
No 3 Best BSH 2016, class 11, 12